Central Woodward Community Partnership

Many Voices. One Hub. A Better Community.

“I think Detroit is already providing a model for change in the world.” -Grace Lee Boggs

What Are We?

The Central Woodward Community Partnership is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit whose primary purpose is promoting healthy and green community development and engagement in the City of Detroit.

Who Are We?

The Central Woodward Community Partnership has invested over 100 years collectively into the Detroit community working to build and serve its residents. Bringing the combined experience of corporate, education, mental health, nutrition, environmental sustainability, human resource and grassroots community development, our sole purpose is for the health and equitable treatment of the residents within this community.

Central Woodward Community Partnership is a nonprofit organization serving the Detroit community by engaging residents and addressing health, education (literacy), housing and financial inequities; and offering a space to receive resources, services, and education.

Our Backstory

Central Woodward Community Partnership was born out of a dream to bring a green, walkable, and communal neighborhood of businesses and services to Central Woodward. A team of progressive thinkers emerged to turn a dream into reality with a eco-friendly social entrepreneurial business development.

Vision Statement

A community where residents are equipped with the resources, knowledge and capability to thrive and help others to do so.

Mission Statement

To build a safe, robust and culturally progressive intersection of neighborhoods throughout Central Woodward and North End for underserved and marginalized residents. 

Core Objectives

  • To achieve intergenerational programming
  • To achieve climate resiliency
  • To achieve a culturally communal landscape
  • To achieve environmentally sustainable connecting neighborhoods
  • To achieve financial, housing and resource fluency for the community

A 3-D Rendering of Central Woodward Community Partnership Development by Other Work

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