W.I.S.E. Partnership Partners
Meeting, planning, building!

Community Center of Rights & Equity supports and encourages political aspirations of women and people of color, to provide underrepresented people with the knowledge and resources to navigate systems such as their local school districts, local government, and other service providing entities.

We will provide workshops and programming to the community that will include basic civics, career workshops, a youth council, and community forums. We will provide professional services to clients that include campaign support, voter registration, data research and quality controlled canvassing.

We Offer the Following Free Community Services

Community Services

  • Learning to advocate for ones self & navigate policies, and agencies
  • Career building Workshops
  • Professional mentoring
  • Developing & supporting community councils

We Offer the Following Client Services at modest rates:

Client Services

  • Grassroots Campaign Canvassing & Quality Control
  • Voter Registration Campaign
  • Grassroots Political Leadership
  • Political Mentoring


Just Speak Inc

Just Speak Inc. offers trauma-informed programming and movement for youth 3-18 years. It is a curriculum researched and designed by Executive Director and Founder, Brittni Kellom, a certified trauma practitioner. The MOVE program is designed to develop a habit of mindfulness in youth. Sessions are anchored around movement therapy theory, meditation, yoga, and trauma informed practices. Young people need not come with any experience as time is meant to introduce, reinforce, and expand existing strengths in self-regulation. 

Other Work

Other Work is a Detroit-based design studio, working at the intersection of public art, architecture, and interior design. We promote civic and economic engagement through spatial agency.

As neighborhood architects, we commit to supporting local businesses and residents by designing experiences that promote liberation, joy, and agency. Headquartered in Southwest Detroit, we believe everyone deserves good design through inclusive community development.

Our design process centers client goals, generating value by creating a variety of scenarios that envision the imaginations and aspirations of their constituents. Our projects are informed by building relationships with neighboring block clubs and partnering with community leaders. We design and develop equitable systems that increase access to social, cultural, and material needs.

Laura Walker is an architect and artist. Michael Styczynski is an architectural designer and city maker practicing in Detroit, Michigan. They are committed to meaningful design that prioritizes the social and economic exchanges of the communities we serve.

Victory Village Center of Literacy and Learning​

Victory Village Centre of Literacy and Learning is a W.I.S.E. future initiative. The program is developed by Education Directors Ms. Angelika JonesCurriculum, and Ms. Lacetia Walker, Literacy to meet the learning needs and literacy deficiencies of our intergenerational community.

Reel Roots Multimedia Initiative

Reel Roots Multimedia Initiative is a youth led initiative. Young producers, editors, staff writers, and reporters create content, produce digital media and documentaries and podcasts that represent Detroit from their perspective. For more information, click here.

The W.I.S.E. Café and Marketplace

W.I.S.E. Café and Marketplace is a future cooperative initiative. Lead organizers are the W.I.S.E. Team and Tracy Marzett, Sous Chef and Hospitality Director. Neuroarchitecture rendering created by Lawrence Tech University Architect Students Fall 2022 Class.