Reel Roots Multimedia Initiative

Podcasts Production

Documentaries, PSA's & Promos

Youth in the Detroit community have an exciting opportunity to showcase their talents and perspectives through the their own podcast show, Teens in the D. This show will provide a platform for young people to share their thoughts on various topics that are relevant to their lives and aspirations. With the guidance of adult leaders, the youth will be co-producing the WISE Talk Show for W.I.S.E. Partnership. This initiative will not only foster creative expression, but it will also inspire and encourage our youth to pursue their passions and become confident leaders of tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

Teens will be taking part in a great opportunity to develop their skills and showcase their talents. They will have the chance to conduct research, create written content, and produce various forms of media such as videos, mini documentaries, PSA’s, and other multimedia. The best part is that the content they come up with will be relevant to their local community, and their own experiences.

Moreover, this program intends to support to local businesses and entrepreneurs by creating promotional material that highlights their products or services. This will be a revenue generating endeavor that will enable teens to earn an income as they hone their skills.
Overall, this is an exciting opportunity that can have a positive impact on teens as well as the local community and businesses.

Teens in D Magazine

Teens in the D Magazine will be an informative and inspiring digital magazine that is solely dedicated to teenagers living in Detroit and neighboring cities. The magazine has been designed to serve as a perfect platform for young people to showcase their talents, express themselves freely and connect with peers from all walks of life. The content featured in the magazine is beautifully curated, carefully vetted, and meant to educate, inform and entertain. This magazine is an empowering voice for young Detroit residents, providing an impactful narrative for the challenges they face, and promoting positive discourse, leading to vibrant and active lifestyles. With its inclusive approach, Teens in the D encourages teenagers to become well-rounded individuals and responsible young adults who are confident and capable of achieving their goals while providing valuable insight into the teen culture that speaks to the readers in its every detail.

Reel Roots Music Production

The upcoming youth-led music production program is an incredible opportunity for high school students who are passionate about the music industry. With this innovative program, students will have a chance to explore various aspects of music production, starting from creating beats to recording a complete music project with vocals. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, students can unlock their creative potential and learn new skills that are essential in today’s industry. The program’s comprehensive curriculum will be designed to cater to different learning patterns, enabling students to be equipped with both technical and artistic knowledge. This unique program will provide a platform for students to network with emerging artists, music professionals, and other like-minded individuals. With this program, students will gain a deeper understanding of the music industry and better prepare themselves for potential career opportunities.